Saturday , January 28 2023

Hatice's medicinal pleasure in the QMA patient


Hatice Özkan, type 2 of SmA type in Izmir, and her family are happy to leave the solid days after informing the Ministry of Health about the "introduction of individual applications for pharmaceuticals," which includes a type 2 and type 3 patient.

AA Hatice Okan, a 37-year-old woman living in the Narlıdere district, is an example for everyone who has been loyal to life with a diagnosis of SMA called "muscular pain" during her 10-month stay and two years.

She continued her communication with Hatice Özkan's computer manager with the support of Anadat and worked separately for the Department of Justice of the Department of Justice of the University of Anatolia and the Department of Justice of Ataturk University, as well as for SMA Type 2 and Type 3. The patient is happy to receive his / her appeals.

"I was excited to know the news"

Hatice Özkan, with the help of a friend, wrote the message when using the computer, and said he was very happy.

An illness that has not been cured for many years, he and his family said to Oskan: "The Ministry of Health previously provided the drug for the treatment of the 1st type of SMA, now the patients are closed, I still use my hands and swallow it. I am very glad that if I do these functions again, I will. " he said.

Özkan, who shares the same fate with the start of the application, expressed his satisfaction.

Uzgen waited patiently for the start of the petition and the use of medicines, thanked all the authorities.

Mother explained that during her years of charity her daughter had a problem.

News from Ozkan TV: "I'm very happy and waiting for approval from the Ministry of Health for many years, and I'm grateful to all who came to work, and I hope my hands and my hand can do something in my own days." he said.


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