Friday , May 20 2022

Ibrahim Faruk Bayındır, FETH, about the judge


Ibrahim Faruk Bairdr, the owner of Tarkim, the FETO airline, is accused of selling airplanes to famous singer Ibrahim Tatlises for $ 600,000. Mr. Bayyearr has been charged with fraud. The indictment prepared by Istanbul General Prosecutor's Office included statements by Ibrahim Tatlises.

Flight safety

In his statement, G. Bidroudi claimed that he had been informed of Fetalist terrorist organization membership and that he had taken care of him. Under the supervision of a tyrant pilot, he decided to take a private plane, the pilot of the pilot Faruk Bajyri, who was prepared for the pilot, learned the qualities and value of the pilot himself. Then Tatlises sent him to Germany to test the aircraft and said he had a crash quality.


Binnurd's case of "fraud" and "armed terrorist organization" accusations of detention of Ankara Bayındır in file of the 14th Criminal Tribunal in Ankara, fraud, suspected fraud, seizure of more than one suspect

November 11, 2018 am 13:56 AM

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