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Idris, Yamac and Kumali meet in Chukur? Pit 42 See the new episode trailer

The last Monday night of Chukur was found in the 8th episode of June in the fight against the dominance of Idris, Idris and Emmy, and Pasha was not found in the absence of the third musketeer. Selim was raised by Idris, who did not serve Veysel. Idris, Melikh's evenings were full of emotional moments. The meeting with the Senate, which brought Akshin and Jumaia to Yannach's home, greatly affected the audience. In the back of the carnage, Jumualia sought help from Selasoun, trying to find out about Karachaganak. However, in the final episode of the episode, Kufali was shot to make Selasun's big question mark.

Gena Horzum's scenario is headed by Sinan Ozturk. Leading actors such as Erkun Kesal, Perihan Savas, Çukur, Aras Bulut İynamli, Dilan Çiçek Deniz, Erkan Kolçak, Kostandil, Rıza Kojooğlu, Ereşe Erkan, Nekip Mami, Erkan Avci, Berkay Ates, Kubilay Akka. In the series, Kadri Cermik, Irem Altug, Bonjuk Yilmaz, Mustafa Kirantepe, Mehmet Yılmaz, Jam Uslu, Uğur Yildirim, Aytaç Buun, İleda Alishan, Eze Yaşar and Geksen Ates.

Chukur's new episode will be broadcast on Show TV on Monday at 20.00!

What happened in the last chapter?
Based on his new plan, Yamak Vartolu is looking for chemistry that is beneficial to his plan. Jamal is looking at a duet that searches for chemicals, both for each of the two blueprints. JUMPI wants Jimmy chemistry, which, although unknown, gives the idea. JUMMALI, eventually, went into the topic and was amazed to see the foolish conditions of Jämic. Returning to the previous plan, Vartoli first searches for Crocodile chemistry. A binary chemist, who immediately abandoned the carnage, began to run away, and Varto beat the men and went to the chemist. Vartoli greets the door to sit at the door and enters the pharmacy's home.

Then Vasloli and the chemist's home are waiting for the door to be closed. Both of them go to the door and ask what they are doing here. According to Jamal, he listens to everything and wants to say everything.

She tries to teach her teacher to leave the chair at the market. Idris and Amy meet a teacher while crossing the street. When he saw that he had thrown away, he took the sticks and walked on them. Selim, who did not want to leave my father alone, joined the team. After stickers and stickers in the stick, Idris placed Kiyan on the spot and hit him. Selim finally received an answer from the question asked by Idriss and he was waiting for the answer. In front of Selimi, Idris spoke. Idris said that he did exactly what his father Idris Kochkoval had said. In an idyllic battle, the toilet in the home brings the drug to Selim. When Selim smiled and smiled, Idris asks why. Selim said that he had done something for the first time and asked him why he did not care for his son.

Idris, who finished the invitation to sit on the table before the orchestra, set out the front of the photo and began to make glasses. The Idris is awaiting the artist, waiting for the artist to see everything. And Idris, who suddenly saw Melikah, could not say anything. Before the Melissa Melissa, Melikha can not control the tears. Melikha Idris often asked if you gave me three. Two piercings, one left. I moved to 35 years and you are moving a little. I could not stand the rosary beard, and I could not stand it!

Ersoy, who oversees his work, sees all the people and asks why they are so busy. Ersoy knows that there is one person in the chemist's office, hiding behind the pillar and looking at the chemist. Ersoy does not forgive when putting chemist chemical trousers. When all the men who heard the rifle fell down, Ersoy realized his plan. Ersoy put his medicine into his pocket and told the doctor that he was asking for the report.

Speaking to Selasun, Jumu'il took the men from the Karakum and started talking. After telling the story, he accompanied Salioli and Selassoum, who killed the Sokobu men. Although he tried to save them, he did not succeed. Jumualia, who dropped Selazun to the ground, rescued Selasun and resumed operations. Jallali was behind the tent behind Jamaliy Kumali's tear.

After entering the house, the door is open, and whenever you select the door instead of the window, everything is mixed. Remember to lie down in one of the bedroom bedrooms, pull out your shoes and shine. Ceto attacked Chelacus to estimate this possibility. When the envy stretches his hand to Celassoon, he has a role to play.

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