Saturday , October 16 2021

Is part number 43 available? Does Varto meet the requirements?

To the 42nd hole; Selasun, Jumali's head shows a rifle, takes the steering wheel and carries out armed conflicts with the Guides, in accordance with the instructions given by Magnus and Ceto. In the last section of the hole; As the structure of the raw material was damaged due to the surface work, the Karakus land, which was not found in the delivery, chose the land on the land. Melikha also received the leading authority later delivered 35 years later in the heart of the past Idris. Mahsun and Cheeto, who reached the information on the attack on Chukur, tied the hands of Koçanovan and began to work to eliminate the movement zone. On the other hand, Karakulova noted that the high level of cleanliness of the goods was measured by the results of the delivery of goods and unexpectedly was not of high quality in the shortest possible time for the creation of qualitative goods. At the time of delivery to the cellar was a great attempt to accomplish their goals, and Vartoli killed his leg, and he died quickly and could not move to Chukur, the 43rd episode of the trawler fragment. The Celassun cousin's face, Celassun, asks for Cumali to turn his face and himself against Ceto, why Jumani and his wife can not be killed, After the Chuck 43rd trailer trailer do not scare


Chukur 43.Bölüm has not been published yet, thanks to the quality and strength of show-TV screens.

last section of the hole


On November 19th, at 20:00, Gennady Horzum, scriptwriter director, will make a presentation on the scene of the audience on the 43rd July TV show on "Show-Wallpapers" on the screenplay by Sinen Ozturk.


What was the last part of the hole?

In the last section of the hole; Celásí does not know that he has shown his pistol and attacks the Celasun, Karakuzuly and Chukur hills, and attacks the wind. After seeing the money, Séné Houddíd tried to gather Idris together with his family. The opponents of Idris and Jamaic bring emotions to their heads. Jumaali was not afraid to see Idris. For the horizontal plan that holds the deficit of the deficit, this chip continues to use Cetode Vartoli, making Vartolu Yy difficult.

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