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"It's important to go to the league" – "Fotomak" – November 14, 2018


One of the members of the national football team, Chenk Tosu and Chaglar Soyinji, made their comments on November 17 in Konya with the UEFA Champions League match against Sweden.

TFF Hassan Datan National Team camp and training facilities Before the start of the Riva game, before the training of players who answered questions, Cenk Tosun in the Sweden match said that they need to win the UEFA League of Nations.

Chenk said he was waiting for a good match and very confident of Konya's support.

"Konya's enthusiasm is truly inspirational, and we have a lot of good memories, playing in Iceland, which is one of the most memorable moments in our life. It is important to stay in this league, so we want to go to this league, we won Sweden in the first match and we can overcome it, their current team is very close to our state of Sweden. this match is very important players, they will provide good support, but I believe in my team and my teacher.

The striker focused on the construction of the national team: "This is the place where everyone is looking forward to, and here we are very attentive, the teacher has a very good and beautiful football philosophy. This is not everything from today to tomorrow. The front of the team is very clear. " used expressions.


National Football Team defender Chaglar Sojanju said they would go to Sweden in a very important match.

Chags says he wants to win their previous matches and the team leader: "We have succeeded, but we have not been able to estimate it well, we should not talk about the past, now we have an important Swedish match, and we believe in the Konya audience. We can promise: Commands, brothers, siblings, teachers, we hope, laugh at us. he said.

"We need time, as our competitors play for at least 5-6 years, and we play together for 1.5 years, and we know each other well." found in the assessment.

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