Tuesday , January 31 2023

LAST MINUTE! A tram stop in Istanbul! Tracks are full


In Istanbul, the General Directorate of Meteorology started the expected precipitation after warnings. In Istanbul, there was a heavy rainfall. Roads were flooded by heavy rains. Atakoye's underground pasture was flooded, and the Kabataş-Baghirs, which had been caused by rain, could not build a tram service.

All ferry service in Istanbul was canceled due to heavy rains. After the rain stopped, the ferry began again.


Road traffic on the Bakirkoy coast is completely blocked by traffic. Many cars remain on the coastline and the teams continue to drain.

It was rainy with the thunderstorms of Afghans, Sephakey, Bachchelovs, Katatalka, Zeytinburun, Sarier, Fatih, Esenyurt, Kadykoy, Uskudar, Tuzla, Penik, Kartal and Maltepe.

Those who want to protect themselves from the rain have been sheltered under the bridge, bus stop, and bridge. As a result of heavy rains, some areas have heavy traffic. Some cars remained on the road. The lightning hit the electric column in Chatalka.

D-100 highway was dirty, and in some places traffic accidents occurred. Citizens waited for a portion of the roadside to catch the rain.

Depending on the weekend, residents of Saryesh were on the beach and in the picnics, and the rain was badly affected.
Tourists who want to go to Hagia Sophia and Sultanania have been sheltered by the sudden rain and have been surrounded by trees and surrounding cafes. Tourists on the road were captured by the rain suitcases, umbrellas purchased from mobile providers.

THERE were dark and unbroken mountains

Rainfall in Istanbul caused floods and floods in many places. Uskudar united the seaside and the continental beach. Citizens, Uskudar Square, turned to the lake and drowned.


1st Regional Directorate of Meteorology The Istanbul Regional Predator and Early Warning Center warned of heavy rainfall.

According to the latest radar data, forecasts are expected to be strong in the province, particularly in the Bosphorus and in the northern parts of the world, which will be followed by a heavy rains and thunderstorms in Europe. Be aware of adverse effects caused by strong winds during rainfall.

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