Sunday , May 22 2022

Last minute … Horrible event in Van! Dead and wounded …


Unregistered migrants carrying unregistered migrants in Van and Bachchersarai were sent to Van Regional Training and Research Hospital as a result of the fall of 16 people injured as a result of the driver and two non-permanent migrants.

According to the information, around 3,000 Karapet Street, Muhammad Mustafa Chinar, has a minibus with a platform 34 ZF 3395, which is a non-permanent migrant, which has become a regular gateway.

5 unmanned migrants were killed and 16 were wounded in a car accident.

The ambulance cars were taken to the scene and citizens of Bakhchisarai State Hospital were discharged from the Regional Training and Research Hospital of Van Station with serious viruses and two ambulances.

13 permanent migrants continue to work.


In addition, 49 unstable migrants were detained on a car park, about 500 meters in road traffic accident.

Wang-Gendarmerie teams detained a 49-year-old migrant driver who was detained by road accident in a car accident near the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The migrants were given food and shelter in the district school MTS.

Illegal migrants will be handed over to Migration Administration after the proceedings.

"Vehicles for 7 people for 21 people"

One of the first in the aftermath of the incident, AK Party District Chairman Giuliani Sabyrly said four dead bodies were mothballed in the hospital.

Stating that the gendarmerie, security and health groups were mobilized for the victims, Sabirly said that 21 people had been transported by 7 people. We will be guests until the morning and then they are delivered to the relevant institution and we have been discharged from the funeral of younger siblings and apologies. We ask you to apologize that such a case will not be repeated. used expressions.

Timur Demirtas, who was interrupted by the wounded, stated that the incident at the scene was "The Gendarmerie, Security and Health team informed the wounded and sent them to the hospital. come on the scene. "He said.

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