Wednesday , October 5 2022

Last Minute: "Introduce Yourself! Use in 7 areas 7


Grandchildren Prosecutor's Office's radio program, "Get the Sign of Action", has dropped out of the house, especially when the financial situation of about 100 people was investigated.

The teams of the Financial Crimes Department of the Istanbul Security Office detected the members of the fraudulent network targeting low income people who want to have a private home.

In the radio-based research, she found that she was advertising the collection of the client and found that the network sold 100 million pounds and up to 10 million pounds.

After unilaterally identifying the network members, police detained 29 suspects in police custody in 7 provinces.

Another 12 suspects are under arrest, and the issue of "organizing and managing organizations as members of a criminal organization" raises questions about "qualified fraud" and "concealment of the document".

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