Thursday , September 29 2022

Ministry of Emergency Situations


The State Council, which has appealed to the State Council's decision, has signed a strained problem. The National Education Ministry has said thousands of parrots have been used for our ancestors, and fascism has often used such practices. The educational organizations opposed these definitions of the Ministry. Turkish Education You and the Ministry of Education have responded.

The Ministry of Education announced the obsolescence of the Ombudsman. The Ministry's responses have dropped.

The 8th Student Council of the State Council should decide on the "Student Song" schools, "the statement of the Ministry of Education and Science reported. Petition suspected of losing its functions.

"It should be acknowledged that in the Republic of Turkey, it has already acquired national identity. So the Student oath has lost functionality. In the 21st Century (Outdated) Anachronic Turkey, the adoption of the 30-ies of ceremonies, the 20th anniversary of the 20th century, will draw nearer to the fifties, and both Fascism and Communism have frequently used these and similar experiences.

In the statement of the Cumhuriyet newspaper, the ministry defended it as non-scientific.

Kabul students are expected to read and repeat the students daily and gain a number of values ​​in order to gain a range of values. incompatible with the understanding of educational science.

In response to a call for a quarrel with the Ministry of National Education, teachers' opinions on attempts at school were postponed. "Türk Eğitim Şen" and "Training Work No. 1" request to get this application from the Ministry.


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