Friday , February 3 2023

Mother killed her baby


In Hatay, his wife and his wife met with her ex-husband and told her that she had killed her 15-month-old son and did not commit suicide.

It should be noted that the center of the Fejih district, Seifah district, Aisel J., was married to a six-year-old second wife because of his disagreement with his divorced wife.

The couple, living in a rented apartment, had two children. After a while, Ilhâ did not come to his home and talked to his ex-wife, and often the couple had difficulties.

15-year-old daughter E. He began beating the amine.

However, the boy's voice was reported to be married to Aysel Y., her husband's status, and Ilkh K.

Ilhhi K came to the house and for a while after an artificial respiration he rendered the baby urgent.

15-month-old Emina died at the scene.

After the scene, the child was taken to the Adana Institute of Forensic Medicine.

The police detained Aisel II who was convicted for a simple injury to his ex-father, Ilya K.

Aisel J. left the house and asked the journalist, "Why did you kill the child?"


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