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Mustafa Jengiz: We want TFP to speak

Mustafa Jengiz: We want TFP to speak

Galatasaray President Mustafa Jengiz held a press conference on the agenda.

Cheniz, Fenerbahce defender made a serious statement on the incident. The president of the Tengiz FGC demanded that the TFF be rescinded to negotiate with the judges.

Mustafa Jengiz: We want to talk with TFF – WATCH

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Commenting on the reasons for the press conference, Mustafa Cengiz, "We have decided to turn this press conference into an incorrect, incomplete and accurate information of our prestigious competitors. he said.


Referee, who criticized the fight against the Euphrates Ainurus, is the president of the red-haired club. "The referee did not interfere with the two players' failures and had to deal with the tension. In the Champions League, the referees had to deal with this incident. This one-minute event has surprised me, 89 minutes of beautiful minutes have forgotten me. description.

TFF is awaiting a claim

Mustafa Chenge, who has criticized 13 people from Galatasaray and 2 Fenerbahce, "13 of us were sent, two of our opponents were sent, and I would not say that I would not leave at 13, but it would be uncomfortable for them to be sent from us. 13. If there are only 2 players there is no! He is a Double Legal Advisor to Turkey. Then you make the PFDK and decide on the arbitration board. The disciplinary principle of article 75 and the referee confirmed that he was also not mad. pdfk & nbsp; has found a contradiction with the exception of one of their debts. I look forward to leaving TFF Legal Consultancy due to this double standard or want to change it he said.


Mustafa Jengiz continues to explain "We held championships with this federation, otherwise we are not looking for a complex theory, but Serdar Aziz's position was fine, but how did VAR affect him?" We talked with VAR. in the form of.

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