Tuesday , August 16 2022

National Lottery Christmas tickets will be available until tomorrow


On December 31, a total of £ 1 million, £ 10 million, and £ 30,100 plus £ 70 million plus sterling.

The total amount payable by the lottery on this lottery is 390 million 910 thousand liras. A complete ticket will be sold at 70, 35 passenger tickets, and £ 17.5 pound sterling tickets. Christmas tickets will be issued from tomorrow.

Citizens can purchase traditional national lottery tickets from mobile and fixed dealers, as well as new generation of 5,000 digital game dealers throughout the country.

On the last day of the year, the winnings may have a huge bonus of 70 million pounds, 350 thousand 200 pounds, 700 thousand 100 pounds, and 1,000,000 pounds.

The weight of the above-mentioned jackpot is 574 tonnes, calculated as 1 pound sterling. With a weight average of 100 kg, the bonus is about 522 vehicles.

The Biggest Bonus – About 350,000 banknotes for 200 pounds, the biggest paper in circulation, and the length of the church bridge on the 15th of July, 36 times the length of the hole. The 70 million pound sterling, the tinyest paper in the form of a 5 pound banknote after a thousand 820 kilometers, corresponds to the distance between Istanbul and Rome.

You can get 233 apartments with big bonuses and 36,000 bracelets

With a jackpot 35 grams of 22 grams of bracelets, 51,813 pieces of national gold, 103,562 pieces and 207,000 100 gold were obtained.

With this money you can have 18 Ferrari cars, 1 private jet, 7 luxury yachts or 10,000 high-tech smartphones.

You can buy up to 23 luxury villas, 135 apartments with total cost of 300 thousand pounds, 140 apartments with cost of 500 thousand pounds or 140 million pounds.

Bonuses can be charged at an average of 24,000 pounds, about 920,000 pounds a month.

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