Saturday , January 28 2023

Satanist Netflix and Warner Bros. A lawsuit: "We stole our copyright"


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The satanist group in the United States filed a lawsuit against Sabrina's Shilling company for $ 50 million against Netflix and Warner Bros.

A group of satanic temples, the goddess of the series, claimed to be inspired by the Baptist gods

The goddess of Sabrina's "Shilling" adventure belongs to the Dark Lord.

According to the BBC Turkish language, a group called Satanist Temple paid $ 50 million to Netflix and Warner Broson. This number is "Bethometh" (Satan's idol) and its copyright is violated.

"They Won Baphomet"

Those who broke the Baphometh series worshiped the goddess, praying to the gods of Bethlehem and saying that their gods were hiding.

The series of brass in the series is a strong group of worshipers in the form of cannibalism and worship. The temple says that its members are associated with the "series of tribes" and that they are in darkness.

One of the founders of the temple, Lucian Grays shared Baphomet with a series "For Twitter Comparison".

A group of 15 temples built a statue of previously used deities.

Satanist Temple has 15 temples in the United States. The statue of Baptist on the copyright infringement of Bahtez is built on Oaxalom's money collected from the Internet campaign.

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