Saturday , January 28 2023

Stock market down in the morning – News Feed


The BIST 100 index dropped by 2,884.54 points compared to the previous one, with a total sales volume of 6.7 billion.

The bank index dropped by 2.22% and downgraded the index by 4.01%. The highest earnings in the sector's indices are insurance industry – 2.29% and minimal metallurgy – 5.71%.

Due to the sharp decline in the global stock market, the BIST 100 index at Istanbul Stock Exchange was altered to 91,545.81 points and stood at 91,500-92,000.

Experts have reported tomorrow's tomorrow's data on housing sales in the country, as well as in the United States, keeping in mind the long-term commodity prices and housing intensive agenda. she said she was coming.

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