Saturday , October 23 2021

The actor, Gizem Karazha, was taken from the hotel


In recent months, actor Giza Karazhe has been dropped in the film for a film about a drug business and denied the dose of alcohol. The player was sent to the guest for irritation.

The hotel began in the lobby

According to forecasts; Gizem Karazha shared Hope Kanarzhdar, director of the film "Children's Movies for Children" in Fethiye. When the player missed out, he began to play in the lobby of the hotel.


According to Milliyet; Officials Gizem Karazha did not interfere in peace. Then many teams and players were involved. However, the debate has increased.

He wanted to quit the hotel

When the environment was unsettled, the hotel administration asked Hizem Karazha to leave the hotel to disturb customers. Later, Giza Caracah settled in another hotel.

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