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The famous lucky writer lost his life


In California, 95 years old, from Thor to Iron Man, was Stanley Lee, a writer, editor, publisher and producer who prepared many characters from Spiderman to X-Men. Marvel's designer Stanley Lee died. In 1939, he started working in a funny world, Stan Lee, "Black Panther", "Spider-Man", "Tor", "Iron Man", "Fratric Quadruple", "Hulk", "Daredevil", "Ant-Adam" and others. is one of the many characters' comics books and one of the best known designers in the world of cinema. Marine Lei, a small publisher, updated Comics to a funny edition number 1. 2018 In his interview Lee was humble: "I think I will not do a lot, people make bridges and go for health research, and here I write to the following characters: they wear costumes and make wonderful and smart things. I realize that fun is not easy to ignore. In 2009, Marvel Enterteintment's $ 4 Billion Heroic Characters In The Movie World After Buying The Disney, Le, Since 1939, Marvel's Characters in All Films, Even If You Attend a Movie, Even a Little Role. One of Lee's greatest secrets was the heroes she gave to heroes. He met Spider-Man as a man, and met with everyday human problems, for example, characters who are facing bilateral relations. Stanford was born on December 28, 1922, and Stanley was working for a temporary comic in the comics of Marvel's, an old-time grandmother, Stanley Lee, who was a funny, $ 8 a week in 1939. He wrote a short story called "Revenge." Stan Lee joined the army in 1942 as an interim editor. There were Oscar® winning Frank Kapra, Pulitzer Prize laureate William Saroyan and Dr. Pearson. Educational films with the so-called Theodore Gaisel were created. After the Second World War, Li went back to decades to publish and edit. After leaving the editorial office in 1972, Lee took time to move the company. In 1980, he moved to Los Angeles, where he spent a long time with animated animated cartoon films. In 2002, a biography was released by Marilyn, a comic book writer who produced The Stanley Life of Stan Lee.

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