Wednesday , December 8 2021

The new Kia Stinger comes from 550,000 liras


The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine consumes 244 PS and 353 Nm of torque, and the new Kia Stinger consumes an average of 8.2 liters of fuel per 100 km, from 6 seconds to 0 to 100 km / s. He also named the KIA Stinger, JD, as part of the Red Dot-2018 Award for Design Award Ilen Red Dot: Best of Best and IF Design 2018. Power 2018 Performance, Appeal and Appearance (APEAL) awards were recognized as the best in its segment. The new KIA Stinger 2.0L GT line with its outstanding features has been launched at a price of 550,000 lots.

From the concept of KIA GT to mass production, KIA has launched a series of Stinger series production. The new KIA Stinger offers a sporty and dynamic look with an interesting design; Suitable for up to 5 people, the large interior provides great performance with large baggage, balanced and stable characteristics, outstanding processing dynamics and powerful engine. Adding more security and convenience, Stinger makes the difference.

Saliha Turkey General Manager Agyel can evaluate the arrival of the new KIA KIA: "KIA is a great design and dynamic driving characteristics, and the car continues to be a popular model of the world. The new KIA Stinger is also the same car: the design is dynamic, fitting to measure. The engine engine and engine 2.0 liter support the external design's dynamism. The new KIA Stinger fully complements its range of products. We were in S segment with S. Stinder

Great sports design

The new KIA Stinger, built in Frankfurt, Germany, and the Nürburgring trail, is 4.83 meters in length, 1.87 meters wide and 2.91 meters in the wheel base. Gives an impressive color. Soft body movements offer an elegant look, with a strong shoulder back to the back, a backbone curved line, rear back window, strong and dynamic. The 19-inch GT-Line wheels enhance the profile look, while the front of the front of the groove and the lower part of the door support the sharp muscle and powerful look. The new Stinger after the KIA's current design philosophy, combined with the front grille, and the Kaplan Burnu K. The large rear door and rear back cover, combined with the rear glass, provide ease of use, and the rear rear compartment that matches the sliding line ends the overall athleticism of the Stager.

Spacious and cozy interiors that transform your travel

Under the leadership of the current KIA design philosophy, Peter Schreier, the new Stinger focuses on the overall brand with its own interior architecture, while some of its parts represent outdoor design. Combined with the design of door panels, the vertical high-mount console provides the driver with a sporty feel to the driver, including the driver and passenger. Cockpit, decorated with high quality materials, offers high operating ergonomics. The dashboard with a two-wheel display with a large 7-inch digital display display located on the disc's eye level fills the 8 inch color touch screen of the infor- mation entertainment system at the top of the central designer. The 8-inch high-end display is a standard feature in the GT Line Stinger because the driver sees the details of the computer without removing the driver's eyes out of the way. The touch screen has a three-level fan, which is developed independently of the console and has a control panel for air conditioning system under this section. A wireless charging platform except the Aux and USB ports covered with an air-conditioning panel. There are two cup holders on the right side of the lever next to the driver. The interior offers high ergonomic and driving architecture including steering. Due to the long wheelbase, the new KIA Stinger offers a spacious and spacious hotel that offers convenient facilities.

Rich equipment that ensures safety and comfort beyond your expectations

The new KIA Stinger also surpasses expectations with a wealth of security and comfort. Light-emitting diodes with daylight cushioning affect the traffic safety, while rails with a steering wheel drive sport. The Harman Kardon is powered by an electric and heated steering wheel with unmanaged incoming and outgoing headlights, height and depth adjustment, electric and memory driver's chairs, heated and cooled front seats, rear rear seats. The Apple Carplay and Android Entertainment support system offers many benefits to integrating smartphone from headset phones to headset phones. Front and rear parking sensors, perimeter-like camera system and electric rear-end applicator provide easy operation, and advanced safety equipment, equipped with road surveillance, blind alert system, intelligent cruise control and emergency braking system, provides traffic safety. Safety pillows, including chain airbags, active head injuries, as well as ISOFIX children's ports ensure that drivers and hairdressers are safe even in adverse conditions.

Powerful engine with high efficiency

A four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine is located beneath the lid of the long and muscular engine. The 1,998 cc engine, generated by all the benefits of modern technology, produces 244 HP in 6,400 circuits and produces 3500 Nm of torque, up to 3,500 rpm and 353 rpm. The output power is driven by the eight-speed automatic transmission to the rear axle. The driver can adjust the transmitter switching characteristics by selecting the mode of the motor in accordance with the motive power of the motor. Driver Selection; There are five different modes of operation: Eco, Sport, Sport +, Comfort and Smart. Together with technology, the high-performance engine speeds up Stinger's body from 6 seconds to 100 km / h and is well equipped with an average of 8.2 liters of fuel per 100 km / h.

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