Friday , August 19 2022

The Sultan's bodies are 4 people, 2 patients are light


Yusuf O., who visited the Gazipasa district center on the Susun coast. (17) It was announced that on 07 November at 22.00 it will be used HML 08 motorcycle at 19.00 on Tuesday. 07 plate collided with UR 977 car. The driver of motorcycles Y.U. and his daughter, Sultan Dyuk, was sitting at the passenger meeting. Sultan Diyek was transferred to Akdeniz University (AÜ) on November 24 after the intervention of medical teams. Yusuf Ü. was hospitalized after treatment.


Sultan Dalek, who was being treated in intensive care unit yesterday morning, was killed. Coordinators of the Organ Transplantation Center met Nilgun Bilal and Ugur Geng with their father Murat and his mother, Atie Dilek (40), to donate the organism. She has recently seen their daughter seeing in the intensive care unit and removing organs. Surgical removal for transplantation of 2 kidneys, liver and lungs and 2 cardiostimulation was performed. Dilek's kidneys, liver and cough are transported to patients at the AUL hospital. The lung transplant center has not been established yet.


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Murat Dilek, daughter of Fevzi Alietoglu, daughter of Anatolia, is preparing for the university exams. The daughter of philanthropist Dilek continued to study with her support, saying, "The economic situation is not good," Gampasda went to his father's father, an accident, and I was in the hospital for several days. He wanted to be useful, we gave the organs in accordance with these dreams, he came with the authorities who want to rescue others, rather than as I thought, but instead.

We are against "patients"

Dr. Murat Dilek said that patients want to see transposed organs after surgery: "We want them to be satisfied and we want to give them an organism."

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