Saturday , April 1 2023

This is true … you know the famous game you are going to kill in Turkey


Murat G., one of the suspects in the assault on the assassination of 82-year-old Asim Bairam, who was involved in the funeral of the assailants in the Varsak district of Antalya and his funeral. According to Murat G.'s testimonies, the last $ 10 million murder has a famous name …

82-year-old Assel Bairam, one of the suspects Murat Salik, was killed in the program, Müge Anlıyla Tatlı Sert, broadcast by ATV. Murat G. said he had been killed by a former man and his famous name had been attacked for $ 10 million. Assym Bairam's murderer, Asim Bayram, made a statement saying that the pre-provincial prosecutor had links with FETS and the assassination of Asim Bayram.

"Famous Turkey is the most famous suspect"

Mouja Anley, a live broadcaster, was a witness to the safety of Asim Bayram's murderer Murat G.

Muga Anly said,

"Police detained by police have received very important information, and now I am unsure about the content of this information as it had been said before.

He was imprisoned for his earlier murder. Even in our interview, he said, "I killed a man, I went out of jail, and now I do not want to go to jail again, I have a son, a crime." Murat asked a few questions about his earlier murder. Murat said he was murdered and he said: "I was a murderer. I was the initiator. In addition, it's about 12 million deaths. I am one of the most famous accusers in Turkey. «


Müge Anlı, "I think this can not be explained to a human being, but I think the number of prosecutors in Turkey can say for a long time that the charges have been announced. At the same time, the judiciary would also be able to capture some of the terrorist forces. Murat, the prosecutor who told me about this period, but six of these predictions were found by the prosecutor. Previously, the prosecutor was under arrest he said.

The well-known subject of Turkey is also a memorable question that leaves the person who has recognized that all of them have made a rating game, or it is a real or a discussion.


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