Wednesday , December 8 2021

Turkcell is ready to play on 5G technology


Turkcell, 5G Turkey has signed cooperation with Samsung Electronics Turkey's first live experience. Thus, 5G technology, infrastructure and Turkcell, offering Samsung 5G fixed wireless access through technology, has proven to be a living experience in Turkcell for the first time in Turkey. Turkcell General Manager Kaan Terzioglu, "Turkey has kept its data. Turkcell is the fastest mobile network ever built in the world and Turkey will continue to invest in this. Not only does the 5G transform the communication technology, the automotive, the agriculture, the health care sector as the digitalization, but also the basis of the transformation of the 4.0th industry. They are pleased to support ideas that are being implemented with the purpose of advanced technology in Turkey, if Samsung Electronics President Kim Dae-Hyun said. Gediz Sezgin, Assistant General Manager of Turkcell Networks, says: "When we set up our 4.5G infrastructure, we thought about 5G and created a harmonious system, our hi-tech infrastructure allows our country 5G."

Thanks to the 5G Fixed Wireless Access technology, high-speed gigabit speeds can be accessed at workplaces with home and fiber-optic cable infrastructure. As the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), the rector welcomed his contribution to this project. Dr. Mehmet Karakaya said: "Those who have been educated and experts will rule the world."

Made in Italy at 5G Do not make the same mistake
Terjiglu said that he appreciates the contribution to the economy rather than the 5G tender. In Europe, 3G error in the tender should be repeated and the model should be in the United States, South Korea and Japan, "he said.

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