Saturday , January 28 2023

Turkey Diabetes Fund D Channel


With the help of diabetes mellitus Mavikoy Ömer, Turkey, with the support of donors, Diabetes Foundation in the world is the first and only center for diabetes. Parents of children with diabetes began reading 50 cases in 50 families and 50 children in over 50 diabetics in Mogico. Experts have told families about day-to-day management of diabetes and diabetes. At the solemn ceremony was given boards for donations to business community, pharmaceuticals and members of mass media. Channel D was represented by Neslihan Akdash, Corporate Communications Manager at Demiruren TV.

Chairman of the Turkish Diabetes Foundation Prof. Dr. M.Temel Yılmaz said that the quality of life of children and youth suffering from diabetes will start in the near future.

Turkey Dyestuff Foundation Wall Dye Tape

Moykoy Diabetes Center is an object that is organized according to international standards with infrastructure and service concept. The institution located in Sile Dorantzi, Istanbul, has an annual capacity of 5,000 children with diabetes mellitus. The institution, which has been awarded grants for over 10 years, has sports grounds, swimming pools, auditoriums, music rooms, restaurants and living rooms, according to diabetes mood regime.

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In the summer, children and young people can stay at the facility in the winter.

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