Sunday , August 7 2022

Turkey has started an 11-year-old account and wanted to rape her


He complained to the police in 1990 in Serik district for four years in prison. At the age of 11, she was subjected to violence, and she was not able to stand up to suicide attempts, indicating that she was continuing until she was 15 years old, she said. Bayram S. complained about the torture case: "I was not a lawyer at that time, and realized that I was pregnant in that process, and I was tortured by Bayram's family. My uncle called me to seek a lawyer, he raped me, took my naked pictures and blackmailed me, and during my work my daughter was born.

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SB said: "There is a consensus in the court regarding the danger and blackmail. Recalling that the rape was at the age of 15, he lived in Antalya because of his life in the area. An aged man who lived there said that he had been married to the man he met, but he was divorced by violence.


"I swear alert to what has been done for me. Everybody laughs at me, I've been here recently, and recently I've seen violent violence in our country. does not care about me and does not apologize for my daughter's reputation to fight for an orphan.

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SB his lawyer, Ahmed Byrd, appealed to the Supreme Court with an appellate instance court. At that time, the prosecutor's office used the right to appeal to the transfer. "Ahmed Bird's prosecutor did not appeal the decision, even if the decision was taken, the right to appeal was not applied. «

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