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Turkey 's EURO luck successful in 2020 Football League C – Football


The 2420 national team will participate in the 2020 European Football Championship. 20 countries will be ranked first in 10 groups and will be able to take part in the championship directly following the results of the EURO 2020 qualifying tournament, which will be held on March 21 – November 19, 2020. The other 4 teams come from the UEFA League of Nations.

The League of Nations is a team of 4 team championships that can not participate in EURO 2020.

The EURO-2020 National Football Team will be able to participate in the championship to qualify for the League of Nations.

Nations B League 2 In the last match in a match of the Swedish League 1-0, the National Soccer Team will play in the League of the League of Legion League.

Entering the League of Nations in EURO 2020 Turkey

the level of B League is directly raised by the number of teams participating in the tournament, to increase the EURO 2020 qualification and Turkey 's chances.

UEFA international leagues, which are in the group of France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Spain, England, Croatia and League of Champions, participate in the first and second EURO-2020 qualifiers in the first and second tournaments. group.

Last fall of the Turkish League and the Playoffs League playoffs can join the UEFA Europa League despite the European Championships.

Turkey and Ukraine in Bosnia and Herzegovina and several or all European Championships, the teams of four teams were included in the group B, Sweden, Denmark, where the title is in accordance with Turkey, the B League playoffs are played by 4 teams

12 teams will be able to play in the playoffs of the B League if they have the opportunity to participate in more than 8 leagues and direct playoffs at the European Championships.

League of Nations

According to country ratings, national teams of 55 federation of UEFA are divided into A, B, C and D. There are three countries in the C league, while the other three teams have four countries, and four of the four D lions of the four countries.

This organization is organized to host the preparatory matches and to participate in the European Championship.

The European League's 2020 European Championships are an alternative organization for countries that can not be abolished by European champions and possibly because of the other route through European championships in several vulnerable groups.

All 16 teams from UEFA, A, B, C and D are participating in the game. After each league game, four teams will join the EURO 2020.

The Euro 2020 qualifier will be held on December 2, 2018 in the League of Nations after group matches. The qualification of EURO 2020 will start in March 2019 after the teams are defined. After the qualification, 20 teams will go to the 2020 Euro.

The other four countries will play after the play-offs of the League of Nations in March 2020.

League of Nations

Portugal, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands, the UEFA League, the UEFA Champions League final in the A League League.

One of these four countries will win the Championship of the League of Nations on June 9, 2019.

League of C

The next league of the C League, organized by Turkey, will be easily overcome by opponents, letting the B Leagues return to the top.

Slovakia and Turkey, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, as well as the League of League countries. At this level, we expect such a team from Turkey C League in Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.

Turkey, C group leader, will be able to participate in the following events through the finishing of the event and the participation in the UEFA League of Nations play-offs.

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