Saturday , April 1 2023

Turkic signature on a new method of cancer diagnosis


ODTU scientists have developed a new microwave photography technology for early diagnosis of cancer diagnosis, and this method is a candidate for future electron biopsy, especially in the diagnosis of small and deep cancers during breast cancer.

According to AA; This technology has been a great enthusiasm among European scientists, and this technology will be used as a medical device in clinics. We are committed to providing this technology in Turkey.

Dr. Nevzat Ganger, a lecturer at the Department of Electronics and Electronics at ODTU, emphasized the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

Breast cancer, mammography, ultrasonic research are used, but suspicion of suspected pathology for the diagnosis of malignant neoplasms is a long, painful and traumatic process for these patients.

Ganger stated that he would work on technologies that would enable early diagnosis of cancer, one of which was "diagnostics of electrical thermal physics from body thermometry" and the second was "microwave picture".

The technology of "electronic scanning", especially in breast cancer, may claim candidates for writing small and large tumors in the diagnosis of "future electron biopsy." Can Barış Top, a PhD student, provided the following information about technology: When the waves are sent and the receiver receives a microwave signal, we are concentrated by ultrasonic research at a depth of 3-4 centimeters in depth and this small area receives microwave reception microprocessors Doppler signals to the antenna. We try to detect malignant neoplasms by using two different features.


Tubitak has completed two projects with the method of diagnostics of breast cancer diagnosis for a high-precision method that continues to work on this project and continues to work with 4 doctors and 2 undergraduates on this subject. We have been conducting academic studies for 5 years, we have published and published articles in the world of international science.

Young people are eagerly awaiting the implementation of clinical technological medical devices, with the newest European patent-acquisition microwave technology technology, "this technology has been a great deal of interest among European scientists. We want to provide this technology for development in Turkey, "he said.

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