Friday , February 3 2023

Volkswagen will invest $ 50 billion in the future


The German car giant Volkswagen (VW) was held at a high level and expected at a future meeting. In the Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, VW CEO Herbert Diess has allocated a $ 50 billion (44 million euro) budget to the company for the development of new mobility services through electricity and motor vehicles.

According to Diess, VW is looking for partners in a number of areas with its American rival Ford. The partnership closely monitors commercial vehicles, says Diess. "By the end of the year, I hope to find out the terms and signatures," he said. Purchase or consolidation of a share between Ford and VW is not provided. Earlier it was reported that VW will be manufactured at the Forderosan plant in partnership with the Model Transporter.


In addition to commercial vehicles, Ford is also interested in the VW's electronic platform, MONE, and two companies are drivers with each other and in the dialogue for the development of electric vehicles. "Both companies complement each other in the region and within their scope. It is located in the middle of a partnership with light commercial vehicles, "said Herbert Diess of VW. Under the partnership with Ford, Diess's brand selection can be improved with the next generation of Amarok and future SUV models.

Ford CEO Jim Hackett said the company is ready to invest in an autonomous car, and "we care about partnership with VW because it's a delicate dance with VW."


"We need to be more effective, productive and effective." "In the future, we will be the most effective electric car maker".

By 2025 the German company will increase the productivity of plants by 30% and produce different brands on the same production lines. Thus, the company aims to reduce research and development costs.

460 thousand workers threaten the future

VW's plans seemed to be a pleasant surprise for the company, but it also denied the company's employees. Trade unions, half of which are VW board members, are estimated to be 1 million tonnes in 20215. Sign the decision on the issue of the electric cable. However, workers are skeptical about signing a rebate with less battery power.

VW employs 436,000 workers in Germany producing gasoline and diesel cars. According to experts, there are thousands of components in internal combustion engines, which means that the number of electric machines running on the electric machine will decrease to 200 and this will pose a threat to the future of BB workers.

VW wants to convince its employees that factories in Zwickau, Emden, and Hannover have turned their electricity into production, and workers at these plants are planning to get their jobs by 2028.

According to this plan, the Zwickau golf model manufacturer, by 2019, will reach 330,000 WB for the production of motor vehicle identifiers.


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