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We went to the hospital when we were infected! When he learned the truth, he was amazed


Three years ago, the 44 year old father of two children in the Gaziemir Dininger, 3 months ago, had a severe abdominal pain, the Turkish Katip Çelebi University (İKÇÜ) Ataturk Education and Research Hospital. It was found out that there was stone in the gallbladder during treatment of the gangster, the endoscopic procedure was performed. The patient was discharged from the gallbladder and sterilized, and 15 days later, he had a bowel disease. It was found out that his relatives had stones at Dininger's liver and bile ducts, which were hospitalized. General Surgery Specialist Dr. Ahmet Er's operation made 250 carats in the patient's body.

The doctor was amazed.

Opt. Dr. Er, AA correspondent, said that for the first time, liver and biliary tract are encountered in such a simple patient with stones.

Male, the patient's gallbladder, says: "The formation of stones caused by stagnant liver disease is very dangerous, if it is not cured, the liver is blocked, the liver breaks and the liver is absorbed, which is life-threatening. Then we made a circular connection between the major bile ducts of the liver and the colon, and we did not. he said.

Counted the stones one at a time

Dougherther also said that thanks to a successful operation, doctors are happy to return to their health. All the brothers who were diagnosed with surgical illness, Dingger said, "I thought it was a pain, but my body was getting out of the stone, and I was suffering from pain and pain, happy, health, and surprised by my doctor's stones. "Used expressions.

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