Tuesday , August 16 2022

"We will go out for every game"


Besiktas coach Shenol Gunes held a press conference with Adem Lyazzat Sarpsborg in the match.


We collect 3 points

"I do my own toy, but this is a team game, we lost it, not Ricardo and Pepe, but the players who go out to the field, try to get three points, there is no easy match schedule and climatic conditions are changing. we offer, and our greatest responsibility is to show the maximum regardless of the circumstances. «


– There are all budget balances.

"We are in an exciting group, we have two defeats, tomorrow we play here, and the match in Malmö will determine our situation, we play for victory, we play the game we want and we get good results."

"What are you doing?"

"They play in their fields, know the steppe, they are accustomed to the weather, they are adapting to the situation, we have the power to win despite all the conditions, if we say that we are justified, we can not win. We think that our 2-3 year olds are good, they are not on the list since they are not on the list, one is old and one is young. "

– We go to win the match,

"We win beautiful football and every one of us goes out, we consider ourselves a favorite in every match, we play a collective, disciplined team."

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