Friday , January 27 2023

When did the first trade sites start?


The number of users in the Internet has grown rapidly since the Internet was widespread in 1992. Thus, successful search on the Internet has begun. The world's richest person, Jeff Bezos, was founded in 1994 and became the first Amazon trading platform.

Like Cadabra, created by Jeff Bezos, the world's first trade website has become an online bookstore. Over time, it became the world's largest store. Amazon really grew up on the Amazon River, where it is inspired by its name.

11.11 What is the World Trade Day Discount Festival?

The festival, which began in 1993 at the University of Nanjing, is a day of loneliness. On November 11, the "11/11 / xxxx ıs.

The Singles arrival Day, launched in China, is gradually spreading worldwide through the development of e-commerce sites. As of November, 11 Shopping Festivals are celebrated in Turkey in many countries. The e-commerce site saves people time and convenience. Thanks to discounts on November 11, e-commerce sites will find people with their product, even with campaigns, which will be much cheaper.

Usually in China at that time, the festival lags behind trades like "Black Friday" and "Cyber ​​Monday" and is the largest online store in the world. The event was so great that Alibaba alone in 2016 alone cost over $ 17.8 billion. These figures are 2.5 times bigger than the Black Friday and cyber Monday sales.

This trading attack has been growing for the last few years. In 2009, there were 27 brands who made discounts and campaigns, but this year, 140,000 brands are preparing for 24-day campaigns. 60,000 of these brands reduce international sales and 15 million products. Despite the fact that the festival takes place in China, 235 countries and regions benefit from cross-border exchanges.

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