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Who is Nergiz Kumarbas, how old is she?


The issue of Nergiz Kumasar is still being investigated by citizens. His wife, his ex-wife, Mehmet Ali Erbil, made a statement about his former wife, Kumar Kumar, about emotional moments. Nergiz said Kumarbas did not want to be genuine. So, who is Nergus Kambasar?


Nerg'in Kumarbas (born May 25, 1963), Turkish model, actress, director and screenwriter.

Nergis Kumbasar was born on May 25, 1963 in Ankara. Abidin Kumazzar (1932) – Professor of the Department of Internal Diseases and Cardiology. Kumasar owns a younger brother, Tengiz. His second wife, Dzhanan Kumarzar, and his second son, Genko Guralp, were his second wife.

Kumasar graduated from the kindergarten in the United States in connection with his father's work. When TED went to college in Ankara, she was sent to her mother's model and to a lovely school. Then he began his studies in economics at Ankara Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences and started modeling in Istanbul. For this decision, he used the term "my great regret" in the future. He played a lot of commercials during that period. In 1985, he played on the Ninth Floor of the Vitt Series and appeared in TRT. It also began in the 80's.

In 1989, he married Turkish actor and artistic figure Mehmet Ali Erbile. In 1995 he had a daughter named Jasmine from that marriage. In 1996, she divorced. In 2000, he turned the movie into the role of Berna in the screen of the Madame Owel series. In subsequent years, he participated in various industries. In 2007 he made his debut with his personality as a screenwriter. She recently renamed Neriman series "Love ini".

As a player


Love and Death (1989) – Aisun
Reverend Souls (2002) – Rustem's cousin
Neva (2013)


The 9th Outhouse (1985) – Nuzhet
My girlfriend (2000) – Berna
Full Board (2004) – Shermin
Flirtatious (2005) – Kevser
Novice Witch (2006-7) – Melda
Popatyam (2009-11) – Semiha
Love for a Rent (2015-17) – Neriman Iplikchi
O Audio Turkey's Christmas Special (2016) – Self
Managers (2018) – Kanan Tekinsay


Lipton (2016)
Signal (2016)

As a script


The man of my house (2007)
Sardinia Street (2007)

As a server


Let It Begin (2008)
Hours of baking (2018)

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