Saturday , December 4 2021

A blow to Azoozy Ahli. Zamalek is getting rid of the border


KAF decided to halt the Moroccan player Walid Azarou in two matches in the Egyptian city of Al-Ahli and pay $ 20,000

Egyptian Football Federation (FAF) has reported that Moroccan striker Walid Azarou has halted two matches from the African Football Confederation (CAF).

Al-Qaf also imposed a fine of $ 20,000 for Algeria. Last Friday, Friday's matches of the Red and Al-Terragen were at the final of the African Champions League at the Egyptian Army Stadium in Al-Arab.

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The Disciplinary Committee decided to call Patricia Carter, the French trainer, after the post-match remarks.

At the press conference, Carteron confirmed that one of the players of Tuncer Tuncer was beaten after the game ended.

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Zamalek survives escaping from the border

Zamalek defeated Zamalek 2-1 in the third round of the Premier League on Monday.

On the 20th minute, Edo Mossis crossed the Hamada Nasir Zelmalek defense and crossed the border with the border guards. Musasas penetrated into the gate before joining Zamalek and shot goalkeeper Mahmoud Jenshe.

Mahmoud Alae reached the guard at the 80th minute when Zhamalek hit the ball and hit Ahmed Al-Shabini. The flank was guarded by the frontier guards, Ahmed al-Sada'i.

Mahmoud Abdel Maymeym won Harbiye Zamalek in the first minute and sent Omar Al-Said to the gate and lost to the game.

At the beginning of the Ural tournament 23 points raised the balance of frontier guards to nine points from seventeen to seven.

Victory – Zhamalek is in the seventh position in the league this season, losing in the match and equal playing in both matches.

This season he won the sixth match in the league and won the sixth.

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