Wednesday , October 5 2022

Abu-Dhabi police are calling for a speedy reduction in air strikes


Officers of the Department of Traffic and Patrol of the Central Operations Department of Abu Dhabi urged taxi drivers to take precautionary measures during rain and fog weather and urged them to avoid acceleration on the road to prevent accidents and reduce traffic accidents .

Director of the Abu Dhabi Movement Department, Brig Mohammed Dahi Al-Humiri, noted that the Austrian route should be strictly adhered to by the side-by-side warning signs and should not be avoided, and warned other emergency drivers not to change direction, but with four warning signs.

In order to avoid traffic, Al-Hamiri has urged about 200 drivers of taxi drivers, who have been driven to escape from the brake, especially in conditions of weather conditions, as the brake does not have enough efficiency when it is wet.

Taxi drivers have introduced a new speed reduction system in the volatile weather with the Sheikh Rashid bin Said (Abu Dhabi-Dubai) and the Sheikh Khalifa (Saadiat) on the roads, where the speed of reversed speeds is 80 km / s with intelligent and fixed speed boards – This is the legal speed of driving until the horizontally clear visibility of roads and then returns to the velocities indicated on the traffic signs.

Al-Hamiri tells about the traffic safety procedures, emphasizing the importance of driving the driver's climate, avoiding weather changes, and keeping the safe distance in the invisible and non-rotating environment.

Drivers of vehicles experiencing minor traffic accidents or sudden mechanical damage caused by fogs and rainfalls urged them to remove their vehicles from their right shoulders, safeguard them and ensure smooth movement.


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