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After death. Learn about Stan Lee's career


Author, writer and filmmaker Marvel Sten Lee at the age of 95, left the world a year after his wife Joan died.

Lee started his career in 1941 in films "The Destroyer of the Mystical Comic Book No. 6", "Jack Frost at the US Comics 1" and "Captain America's # 6 Comic Book No. 6".

Lee was temporarily working as a company's editor at the age of 19. He continued to work for 31 years as a result of disagreements in the company and joined the US Army in 1942, worked on the signal body, and then continued his creative plan. Brochures, movies, and slogans were recorded, so the army was classified as a dramatist.

After the military service in 1950, he returned to the company and called it "Atlas Comics", which began experimenting with various compositions, including novels, science fiction, horror, comic stories. Together with his colleague Dan Dickarli, "My Friend" was a comedy "Irma," and "Li" at the same time developed his career hatefully.

Lie asked him to create a new super-scene team to compete with DC Comics in the late 1950s, but he thought that he wanted to focus on his favorite and trustworthy career instead of his single career: Jack Kirby – Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, X-Men and Doctor Strange as well as super heroes, a fantastic team of four fantastic Fantasy.

He wrote, edited and edited the majority of the 1960s, wrote "Marvel" series with minimal changes, wrote Stan's Soapbox monthly, he paid a lot of taxes, but he tried to use it.

Lie asked him to write a story about the negative effects of drugs in 1971 and then talk to "The Spider-Man", but he denied the legal authority, was against drugs, but Lee and Goodman said, "Do this, do the work, and publish your story on their cartoon pages , and the story really brought glory, and that's why it led to the spread of drugs.

Marvel's comic book media hero joined the American Heroes' Satire Book, where he lectured in a number of colleges in the same year, and Lee's role was even more important. In 1981, Liu had to develop television and movie sections of the company, so he had to move to California with his family.

Lee became the president of the company, but he faced more demanding place than his job, and instead of management he left it close to the creative process of the company and left it as a publisher. Lee started to build a new online superhero company with Peter Paul in 1998. In fact he created it and achieved great success, but it was necessary to close it legally.

In 2000, Lee worked with DC Comics in collaboration with his "Just Imagine …" series, and began rebuilding their super case, such as Superman, Batman and others.

Lee Jill together with Chambon and Arthur Lieberman made fun of the KVN and attempted to produce a film, TV show and video, and launched a Stan Lee Sunday Comic.

When he was 65 years old, Marvel respected him and "Spoker Adam", "Dr. Stanningz" and so on. In 2008, Limen and Hiroyuki acted in the animated program "Caracol Ultimo" and released the series "Legion Series 5".

In 2010, he worked with Guardian on several projects, one of which was sent to the National Hockey League and recorded music in January's Jan-Yan battle.

Lee Stend announced his new channel in the Heroes World and published various programs, now writing a book called "Zodiac" by Stuart Moore, and "Fantastic Four" in his life, and at the beginning of the sixties he worked with his colleague, Jack Kirby, became famous in the world of painting.

Lee also received many awards, including the National Arts Pope, Saturn Awards, Scream Awards, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Producers Guild of America, and Visual Effects Society Awards. Innovations in the world of creativity and comedy.

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