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Al Vas coach: Al-Ahly's champion of the century .. but not only the first place



Wednesday, November 21, 2018 – 5:28
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Wednesday, November 21, 2018 – 5:34

Al-Wassel UAE club manager Hassan Al-Abdoouli said on Thursday that the 16th round of the Zaid Cup for Al-Ahly's Champions Clubs was difficult. Al Ahli is a great team, despite the current situation. Children's playground.

Al-'Ahli said at a news conference that al-Ahly was the horn of the African club and that despite the loss of the title to the Champions League, he wished to receive compensation.

He said, "Al-Wass's audience has great aspirations and only takes the first place, and our ambitions are huge, and the society has the right to us."

The head coach of "Al Vas" in his game, in the game tomorrow, the team gained the advantage over the result of the first leg, which ended with a 2/2 right but it is not particularly effective for this result, especially "Al Wass" tomorrow, despite a great team.

It should be noted that "Al-Ahly" played against "Al Wasl" in the first match of "Al-Jays" stadium on October 27 at the "Burj Al-Arab" stadium in Alexandria. "Continue your data"

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