Thursday , September 29 2022

Apple has detected the causes of the battery replacement program for the iPhone


Apple has officially made a statement today, explaining the main reason why the iPhone has been replaced by the Apple iPhone, which has recently been replaced by Apple, to stop the dispute between many users.

Over the past period, Apple has been reluctant to comment on the battery replacement program for iPhone users, accusing them of having to replace the battery and repair Apple in order to prevent third party users from making phone calls.

Apple has released the iPhone 11 release date

However, Apple has today responded to Apple's statement by issuing a formal statement explaining the reason for launching a battery replacement program for the iPhone that came with security.

Soon, some iFixit analysts do not control iOS software to replace the battery with a third party, where after a battery replacement by a third party, the phone stops showing battery status and has been explained by Apple's attempt to force users to change their battery directly to Apple. .

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