Sunday , August 14 2022

Artificial intelligence changes the future of the government


Annual meetings of the United Arab Emirates highlighted the role of artificial intelligence in the future, in which future prospects and director general of the International Company of the "Future Age", Gerard Leonard, participated at the federal and local government officials.

"Our world is changing rapidly in the last 20 years more than we've seen in the past 300 years, but in the future, it's better than smart thinking," Leonard said.

"Intelligent computing and smart-grid devices revolutionize our society and the labor market with artificial intelligence applications, algorithms, big data and advanced devices," he said.

"The revolution of our time is like a revolution and a revolution in oil production for decades, and the role of artificial intelligence is not less than the revolution of electricity in this epoch." Artificial intelligence is defined as a computer system that transforms information and knowledge into knowledge, Automated – allows computers to read and open without the advance programming.

He said that companies around the world can use technology in managing IT solutions and solve artificial intelligence, reduce the burden of administrative work and automation and predict future consumer trends, control the media performance, and monitor social media and users' opinions and launch initiatives and more noted. However, he noted that it does not allow smart machines to develop their capabilities, taking into account the latest dramatic events.

He talked about smart technology and the relationship that people can play in communication, reading, speaking, thinking, emotions, emotions, emotions, emotions, emotions, imagination, and creativity, which can focus on robots and preventability. As we plan to invest in technology, we must invest in humanity.

He says many simple jobs and jobs can be transformed into artificial intelligence, and non-digitizing functions are worth the balance between human and material values, creativity and imagination, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Leonard said that 80% of new jobs will be automated in 2030 and that only 5% of all normal functions can be automated. "The future is not just a temporary one, but the methodology of thinking and thinking is different from our current reality," he said.

UAE Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahayan, UAE Government's Annual Meetings, Chairman, UAE Vice-President, Prime Minister and Dubai Governor Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, His Purpose – Integrating government action into a unified system at federal and local levels and involving all officials and decision-makers to the development of the country at all levels of the United Arab Emirates's 100th Anniversary the development of a development point of view.

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