Monday , June 27 2022

Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of Saudi Arabia will visit the Abu Dhabi Chamber


Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has today visited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Abu Dhabi and met with Chairman of the Chamber Abdul Khakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khalid.

The delegation met with the General Director of Abu Dhabi Emirates and the Entrepreneurs of the Private Sector Abdulla Garere Al-Kubaisim, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Al Mahmud, the General Director of the Chamber Mohammed Hilal al-Moukhari and Abdullah Gherr Al-Kuabisi.

In his speech, Ibrahim al-Mahud expressed his happiness with the participation of the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the Al-Shabee Chamber to discuss the economic and investment opportunities of the Emirates Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and the Emirates in the eastern Saudi Arabia.

The United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have sought to establish bases of bilateral relations based on the views of the leaders of the two countries, based on their efforts and efforts in building a comprehensive strategic, strategic relationship with decision-making, rigidity and cohesion.

The two countries witnessed many regional events over the past few years, emerging from bilateral relations between the fraternal countries and emerged after the creation of a coordinating council between all levels and levels, especially between the two countries.

The Abu Dhabi Chamber noted that it contributed to the development of its business environment and the organization of commercial and industrial affairs to achieve the sustainable development of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, and the Pall will seek to strengthen cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and the private sector, especially with members of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For the purpose of strengthening the integrated economic system between the two countries and their enhancement of business environment for their development and manifestation.

According to Abdul Khakim bin Hamad al-Ammar Al Khalid, Chairman of the Saudi Chamber of Al-Shorta, he and his delegation are glad to participate in the second state – the United Arab Emirates, a unique economic model that has contributed to the position of the best economic zones in the world.

Al-Ammar's relationship with Saudi Arabia's UAE is characterized by a deepened historical depth, linked to blood, heritage and destiny, by supplementing various political and economic issues and exceeding mutual relations.

Trade and economic relations between the two countries constitute the largest trade and economic relations among the major economies of Saudi Arabia, one of the major trade partners of Saudi Arabia. The trade turnover in 2017 reached more than 90 billion riyal, exports exceed 57 billion riyals and imports 32 billion riyals. In the UAE As an important indicator of the growth, growth and growth of trade and economic relations between the two fraternal countries, we became the largest and strongest among GCC and Arab countries.

Al-Ammar thanked the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for a warm reception and hopes that this meeting will open the way for cooperation and cooperation between the two countries and many economic and trade opportunities between the two countries.

During the meeting, Muhammad Al Hosani, Adviser to the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, made a presentation on important investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi.

General Director of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce Mohammed Hilal Al Moukhari made a comprehensive presentation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry about its concept, mission and direction, and, consequently, important services and economic initiatives.

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