Sunday , October 17 2021

Fish oil protects against heart attacks

Sharjah 24 – Она:

The American team of experts has developed a "fish oil" that can protect people who are at high risk of heart attack.

Researchers believe that the drug taken with the "fish oil" and statin may reduce the risk of heart attack and reduce the risk of stroke in some people with infection.

More than 8,000 patients with cardiovascular or high risk patients have undergone clinical trials to lower cholesterol levels and lower cholesterol levels to reduce triglyceride levels. These include fatty acids called "triglycerides" that can potentially endanger heart attacks and stroke increase.

After 6 mg tablets consisting of 2 fatty acids and fatty fats 2 times daily in fatty acids and high omega-3 fatty acids and fatty fats 2, 17% of the omega-3 infected patients received heart disease Compared to 22% of the group receiving a placebo, compared with the mortality rate, mortality, or stroke.

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