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How can we protect ourselves from cancer?



How can we protect ourselves from cancer?



How can we protect ourselves from cancer?

It is known that oncology practically does not have a feeling, and if a person feels his symptoms, it means that he has reached the advanced stage of the disease.

In order to protect a person from this serious illness, especially if cancer is genetically conditioned (if the parent or cousin is malignant), he should undergo a periodic examination up to 50 years. The illness such as opening patiloma or cysts is good at the beginning, but their future can be threatened probably because it is necessary.

Although family cancer is not a disease, it does not mean that a person is safe from the disease, so everyone between the ages of 25 and 30 must have a blood test and biochemical examination and an internal physician to be examined once every two years. They need to see a gynecologist and a nurse for checking.

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Many people do not know about the oncological diseases

Also, at 35 years of age, colonoscopy and gastric lavage are beneficial once every five years, and if you have it, cause muscle or bleeding, or if the color, such as dark or dark, changes to the skin disease check.

After 40 years of age, people should take the exam at least once a year, once a year, once a year, allowing an early detection of disease and thus easy treatment.

Finally, in addition to taking precautions, you must adhere to the right diet and active lifestyle.

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