Thursday , August 11 2022

Hussein Fahmy criticized the artists over the Cairo film festival


Today is the Cairo Bay

Art festivals in Egypt and the Arab world look at the red carpet, each of them witnessing harsh competition between stars, trying to catch the eye.

The competition between stars has made Cameras' Keopatra dresses and wants to make some unusual and unusual ways to get more space in the fringes of the cameras offered to him at the Cairo International Film Festival for the forty years.

Tunisian Iman Cheryf addresses Stamy with her exterior appearance from Sama in El Ghuna and others seek the bravest prostate.

Egyptian artist Hussain Fahmi regrets about Reid Carpath's arrival.

"I called the red carpet" in the Arab world "so that we will be able to participate in the international festival as well as abroad," he said.

The Cairo International Film Festival is one of the 11 most important festivals in the world, and noted that the current semester of the festival will again brighten with young filmmaker Mohamed Hafi, due to its well-organized organization.

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the festival held on November 20, Hussein Fahmi took part in the Egyptian opera theater "Jem" with participation of many art and media stars from Egypt and the Arab world.

At the Cairo festival to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the festival, his grandfather Mostafa Fahmi and his Lebanese media representative Fatin Moussa attended the exhibition and received special videos and awards from the very beginning of the first session.

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