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In 2018, the UAE is expected to grow 3.2% for the economy


15 11 2018

Head of the Division for Riches Management in the Arabian Gulf Region for UBS for "Economic Statement":

Dr. Nils Zilkins, Head of Division for Riches Management in the Arabian Gulf: B. Switzerland's growth in the UAE rose from 1.4% last year to 3.2% in 2018 and to the next year.

"These positive outlooks are based on high oil prices and government spending," he said in an exclusive release to the Economic Outlook: "The growing investment demand associated with Dubai's Expo 2020 will further boost economic growth.

According to him, the situation with the business cycle in the country has improved dramatically due to high oil prices, resulting in the emergence of oil revenues in the financial system, which has increased the government's policy in the financial sector by 15% year on year.


The strategy of economic reforms jumped in the Doing Business report of 2019, which is the 11th World Bank in the world by improving the business climate and diversifying the financial base that has one of the most competitive countries in the Gulf.

The World Economic Forum will occupy 27th place in 2018 among the most competitive countries in the world.


Recent important publicly-funded foreign-economic events, including legislation on liberalizing foreign investment, allow foreign investors to own 100% of some sectors outside the free zones.

In addition to the visa system, economic diversification and direct investment will also contribute to areas such as tourism, manufacturing, energy, transport, logistics, and the media.


"The United Arab Emirates is also one of the leading markets for wealth management, and it is optimistic that the government plans to boost economic growth and diversification," he said. He is convinced that he is one of the major markets in the region. B.


He said " B. "The largest investment bank in the region, the largest investor in the world, shows that the UAE investors are far more than many partners in Europe and Asia in the field of sustainable investment.

"Investors in the United Arab Emirates do not feel their benefits, believing that they will become sustainable investments in the future." According to the research, three-quarters of the UAE investors are calling for sustainable investment over the decade.


Finnet's technology and innovation is in the list of current customers who want to see the latest achievements in these areas, and financial services technology and Block Qin, McKenzie.

He said " B. S currently boosts investment in areas with artificial intelligence, Block Qin, Cloud Computing, and massive data, and continues to improve customers' experiences through continuous and simple digital representation.

In July, the Bank conducted a meeting with its Customers on a dedicated screen and assisted simple banking operations and Clients, to help consultants manage complex and market dialogues.


According to him, "one of the most important directions currently considered is smart mobility services. Our researchers are smart models of smartphones, smart-technology (self-governance) and smart models (automobile sharing / long-term reorganization of the sector).

At present, we are committed to providing these customers with the latest insight into their investment opportunities offered by these technologies.

UBS, a world-class asset management company, is pleased with its business activity in the region and doubled its employees in its Dubai headquarters over the past three years. In the Middle East and North Africa, grow and expand.

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