Thursday , February 2 2023

In the UAE: a "false governor", convicts were convicted


Abu Dhabi's brutal courts condemn four defendants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Known event Traders are fraudulent in the fraudulent portfolio of car sales.

According to the local Al Bayan newspaper, the court convicted four fake suspects (four governors of the governor) for crimes against money laundering, allegedly called "fraudulent vehicles," each of which was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment. 500 thousand dirhams fine, confiscation of arrested amounts.

This decision is the second version of the Abu Dhabi court over the last 20 days. The court ruled in two parts of the Cassation Court that the accused had been convicted to fraud and money laundering and other activities without the consent of their competent authorities.

Thus, according to the law, four portfolios owners will be entitled to appeal against the four main charges, the Court of Appeals, the Abu Dhabi Appeals Court and the Abu Dhabi Cassation Court.

The Abu Dhabi cassation court rejected the so-called "fraudulent traffic incident" in the first and second portfolios of the defendants. The court also satisfied the appeal of the first instance prosecutor of 15 detainees, licensed economic activities of the competent authorities, has rejected the appeal of other 10 convicted persons, local media reported.

On April 15, the Abu Dhabi Appellate Court condemned 27 defendants (14 cases in the first case, 11 in the latter case and two in the third case), a fine of the former first-instance court, 100,000 dirhams were fined, and victims have the right to claim compensation for material and moral damage to civilian courts .

The court rulings also included support for some convicts from four main liability-holders responsible for the management of four portfolios. The court extended the suspects to the criminal case for fraud and crime, as well as fraudulent use of the victim's funds through investment projects, investing funds, making significant profits from lack of specific investment activities, and utilizing the portfolio of virtual exhibition cars they own.

The Prosecutor-General's Office has resulted in the existence of four autonomous car dealers who have been charged with fraud, money laundering, and theft of economic activity without a license, each of which is governed by the Independent, and persuading the victims to invest, regardless of the intermediaries' .

In the course of the investigations, the accused acquired the money of the depositors, bought luxury cars and special cars, acquired some of their properties and shares, and one of them bought a camel of 10 million dirhams.

According to the paper, the portfolio activity has not been determined for a while, the first defendant has started his work simultaneously with the purchase of a car at an amount that would be added to the cost of the car and at the same time to repay his debt to sell.

At the time of the checkup, he bought the same car for the cost of the first inspection, then expanded his business and several dealers engaged in this to encourage dealers to share the 2% share in the service, and in the next stage, two self-employed, four led to a fake governor.

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