Monday , January 30 2023

Latest News Playing at Football School today changes brain structure


Researchers from the University of California, Duke and North Carolina, together with researchers at American universities, may have enough of a season to complete microscopic changes in the brain structure.

The researchers used a new type of magnetic resonance imaging for players from 16 high school ages 15 to 17 to get samples after the football season.

Researchers have found significant changes in the structure of gray matter in the front and back of the brain, with deep changes in the structure of the brain, especially brain markers, and none of them can cause shock.

The study, published in the neurology magazine of new diseases published in December, is the first type of sport that affects children's brain.

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Duke University, Shunli Lee, says: "The brain changes can be repeated in a short time, even repeatedly. The brain still grows immature, so there are many biological trends and it's not clear how well-known changes affect the brain's growth and development. "

"More than a proof of scale, it may hit the skull several times – for example, prolonged cognitive impairment such as hockey, soccer, or explosive traumas during exercise, and increase the risk of neurological disorders.

Over the past decade, researchers have discovered that retired soldiers and retired professional footballers pointed to a newly discovered neurodegenerative disease called CTE, which is characterized by the accumulation of the Tao protein in the brain.

Although not accurate, these disorders are thought to cause mood disorder, cognitive drowsiness, and eventually engine failure, but when the patient is over, the latter diagnosis of chronic cerebral encephalopathy can only be done by examining the Dao Protein brain.

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