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Lebanese Carlos Ghosn from an amazing man to a fraud


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Ghosn moved to Nissan in 1999 after acquiring a controlling stake in Renault.

64-year-old Carlos Gosn has been one of the world's largest automakers, making the Nissan's most prestigious car company a major escape from bankruptcy and making it a record-breaking success after long years of losing money and debt..

Brazilian Ghosn from Lebanon has a French nationality, began his career in Mishlen (France), and then moved to Renault. Ghosn moved to Nissan in 1999 after acquiring a controlling stake in Renault.

Under the leadership of Ghosn, Nissan has paid over $ 20 billion in three years, the task is almost impossible.

He traveled between Paris and Tokyo, spent about 150,000 miles on planes throughout the year, was named Japanese media (7-11), from morning till night).

The story of the best-seller rescuer in business management

Gosn is the author of a number of books in English, Japanese and French, and he wrote an English book talking to Nissan, one of the best-selling books on his business management. Carlos Ghosn saved Nissan to David Maggie.

Carlos Ghosn, inspired by Ghosn: 24, Miguel Rivas-Meko, the world's most successful manager..

Carlos Ghosn has two top positions: Chief Executive Officer of Nissan Motor and Renault France Chief Executive Officer.

Japan's state-run television station said Monday that Gusn was arrested in Tokyo after alleged financial discrimination..

Official NHK suspects Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office for "Nissan", "Ghosn" for breach of lawhe said.

Reduction of Nissan and Mitsubishi shares

Mitsubishi, Nissan and Renault, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Nissan,.

Nissan shares are down 5.45 percent lower than the 945.7 yen, while Bloomberg reports that Mitsubishi fell to 6.80 percent, up to 680 yen.he said.

The Japanese government has sent a letter to General Prosecutor's Office of Japan after Carlos Gossni's visit to Nissan.

He has been conducting a series of internal investigations for a few months, indicating that Ghosn reduces the value of his official records, "he has found the use of many other significant transactions, including assets of the company."he said.

Nissan Ghosn "threaten the future" after being arrested

The Tokyo prosecutor's office has accused Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi's Carlos Gosndi of being behind Nissan's tax evasion charges. is considering the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the company..

The Asahi Japanese newspaper has started a private investigation into Nissan, referring to sources referring to the company's involvement, and Ghosn did not open its real earnings for a long time,.

The Tokyo court has extended the Ghosn fund for 10 days on Wednesday, the Japanese media reported.

Gosn, considered to be one of the most powerful leaders in the automotive industry, was arrested in Tokyo for tax evasion charges. The prosecutors decided to charge him for 48 hours, asking him to be released or to extend his term of detention.

According to official Japanese television, Nissan Gosni "paid a lot of money" to provide luxury homes in Beirut, Paris and Amsterdam, in Rio de Janeiro,he said.

French and Japanese governments backed the alliance between Renos and Nissan on Tuesday, Ghosn,.

The French Renault Group board of directors announced yesterday that it had decided to appoint Chief Operating Officer Thierry Burr in the Gosn office late last night..

Paris: In France there is no evidence of Carlos Gosn's fraud

French government said on Tuesday that Carlos Gosn, the head of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance in France, had found no reports of tax fraud.

Economy Minister Bruno Lemerre said in an interview with the French news agency that when he heard about his arrest in Japan, he asked John to investigate tax charges..

According to the French Minister, "nothing has been said about his tax status during the investigation," reports Agence France-Presse..

Bassil ordered the ambassador to deal with Carlos Ghosn

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has urged Lebanese Ambassador to Tokyo Nidal Yahya to "consider the issue of Carlos Ghosn, President of Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Group, and to see what he needs to see."

Bassil also urged the Lebanese ambassador to ensure the security of Carlos Ghosn's actions and to ensure his legal defense, which could give a clear picture of his facts, arguments, and self-defense.he said.

According to the Foreign Ministry, "Carlos Ghosn is a Lebanese citizen and one of the most prominent achievements of Lebanon and the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be tested to ensure fair proceedings.he said.

Renault holds Ghosn as its chairman

Renault Group, a French company, was forced to suspect tax evasion by Carlos Gosn, Chairman of the Tax Committee of the Government of Japan late last night, and temporarily suspended Chief Operating Officer Thierry Buhrer.

"Temporary incompetent Gosn, the president of the group remains a general," said Reno. – The board appointed Thierry Bureau, temporarily appointed as Managing Director, and thus manages the executive body of the group, and through it Ghosnhe said.

A study of Carlos Gosn in April is expanding

Nissan has expanded the investigation of its Chairman Carlos Gas's statements on incorporating Renault and Nissan Alliance financial statements..

This movement can be a sign that Nissan is trying to simplify the French parent in its global allies in the automotive industry.

In an interview with Renault's Nissan Renault's governing board in an interview with Renault's Renault-Nissan BV Renault CEO,.

Chief Executive Officer of Nissan Hiroto Seikawa-Renault 43.4% of Reno's share in the investigation of Ghosn's inaccuracies, including reductions in revenue and the use of personal funds.

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