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"MBC Iraq" is distributed in the MBC frequency of the new Iraqi new 2019 Direct Nilesat technology (HD – SD). Arabian Got Talent Arabes Jot Talent MBC Iraqi MBC IRAQ and Egyptian Theater


Today's channel frequency MBC Iraq MBC Iraq, which is scheduled to launch via new satellite channels in Iraq, MBC Iraq 2019 On the seventeenth day of February 17-2-2019, Launched an advertising campaign dedicated to the NileSat Channel 2019, which is one of the most anticipated channels in the Arab world. NBC Iraq This is one of the most popular and popular MBC channels in the world, with different categories and classes of society as well as the Arab world, including the world, as well as the frequency of new hotels by MBC channels through our website BBC World Service. (MBC Iraqi TV) Frequency Bandwidth Mbc Iraqi Frequency mbc New Iraqi 2019 MBC Frequency Iraq MBC IRAQ Nilesat Arabsat Hot Bird MBC IRAQ Frequency Channel MBC Iraqi Talent Program Arabs Qout Talent.

Launch of the Iraqi MVP in the Iraqi capital

The #MMBC_ of art and sports stars are found in Iraqi # Tonight _o__dadosh

Arabian MBC Look at Talents on Iraq

Arb Jot Talent Fifth Episode, Saturday, March 16, 2019, MBC Next to Iraq: Arb Jot Talent, Arabs Ibrah in Iraq June 6,

The name of the channel MBC channel for Iraq
Saudi time Saturday: 9.00

Returns on Sunday: 2:30

Egyptian time Saturday: 8.00.

Sunday: 13:30 at night.

The fifth episode

IRC IRC IRC IRC frequency

The MBC Iraq collection is expected to have a unique and unique startup of grouped channels throughout the MBC channels, a large and powerful channel to be broadcast on all the channels of the daily group, and through these ads, this channel provides many entertainment channels and channels for public interest can be summed up.

There are many interviews and discussions with Arab artists, especially Iraqi, on the channel, which is related to the release of the channel in the MBC channel, which shows some conversations and internal work of the channel that will begin soon. In February 2019.

Now the MBC channel is broadcast in Nilesat

The channel is distributed in HD, so an alarm signal must be an antenna receiver to receive the highest quality channel on the Nilesat satellite receiver, and it's at:

Frequency Polarization Encryption Quality
12226 Horizontal 5/6 27500 High HD
11938 Vertical 5/6 27500 SD is normal

If you're looking for a way to find out, then select the receiver's page settings, then select the channel, select the satellite in Nilesat, select the frequency and coding ratio in the slots you have prepared for them, and then tap the search bar and search for the available MBC Iraq Hd.

Iraq .. Ahla mbc

When did MBC Iraq 2019 begin?

The new channel was launched on Sunday, February 17, 2019 with full release, but its first appearance will take place on Friday, February 15, at the Tantura Al Maqam Festival in Iraq at the Winter Festival of Saudi Arabia and in the evening with the participation of singer Kazim El Sakher and Ilhom El Madha.

Follow MBC Iraqi-2019 online programs

  • IRA Iraqi programs can be tracked through social networks through the official website MBC Twitter via Iraq.
  • MBC Iraq 2019 With the help of YouTube on Youtube, MBC has been providing Iraq with diverse content that meets the needs of all Iraqis, through the best programs and activities selected from them,

Iraqi and Iraqi Iraqi families can join Iraqi families in Iraq, and Iraq's famous celebrities and Iraqi celebrities and Iraqi ambassadors can join not only the Iraqi people, but also many other countries.

ArabsGotTalent on MBC by Iraq

Araps Jot Talent 6 seasons every Saturday, and the fifth episode will be held on March 16, 2019 at 9:00 am KSA time MBC4 and MBC IRAQ

Arabes Jot Talent
Arabes Jot Talent

We offer to you From this, the Arabs see Got Talent, Arb Jot Talent, Episode 5 On Saturday

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