Sunday , June 20 2021

Mullah will meet with international oil companies and discuss prospects for investments in Egypt

Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Tariq Al-Mulla has held a number of bilateral meetings with heads of a number of international oil companies participating in the ADIPEC 2018 in Abu Dhabi.

BP Group CEO Bob Dudley and North Africa Regional Group President Hisham Makkawi discussed his Egyptian position on oil and gas production, particularly in northern Alexandria and in the western Mediterranean Sea, the production and production of natural gas. The next month's phase is the Giza-Fayom Field.

Al-Mulla discussed the operating status of Shell International's executive vice president, Sami Iskandar and Jester Hunrat, president of the Shell Egypt company operating in the deep sea basins of the Mediterranean and Western Sahara, and the operational status of the project for the production and production of natural gas in West Delta. Inclusion of new gas wells into the project in turn.

Western Sahara's new Shell exploration and prospecting programs have also been reviewed and Shell's global leadership has shown interest in participating in new exploration and exploration projects for the first time in the Red Sea as part of the oil sector start-up operation in the region.

During a meeting with the Italian company Addison's president and his accompanying delegation, Malta discussed the situation in Egypt for exploration and exploration of deep-water natural gas in the Mediterranean.

At the meeting with one of Russia's major international oil companies, head of Russia's Lukoil, Fagit Alekperov, he is planning to launch a new stage in the development of natural gas industry in Western Sahara, which hopes the Russian company will expand its investment in Egypt and expand its oil and gas exploration, for intelligence.

The head of the company said that the company is ready to open new areas of cooperation with the oil sector in the training of oil workers in its training centers in Egypt.

Al-Mulla met with Schlumberger leaders in the United States, Mohamed El Tohi, chief of geological exploration in the company, and Karim Badavi, CEO of the Egyptian and Eastern Mediterranean region, collecting data from the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez, adding new investments to these industries, the use of advanced technologies in achieving the highest efficiency, the Schlumberger representatives are committed to building partnerships with their oil sector and in Egypt I noted the success of its recent projects and the growth of investment opportunities.

In addition, the Moldovan CEO, Matthias Heil, General Director of Numerical Solutions of Baker Hughes General Electric, and promising position of bilateral cooperation in the implementation of the Egyptian e-portal project for marketing and geological exploration in the Egyptian oil field, promising for the development and modernization of the Egyptian oil sector as a digital investment card for the development of industries. Work on expanding the use of oil technology and digital solutions and the potential for cooperation between the two parties in new oil projects were discussed.

At a joint meeting with US Vice President Joe Rennie and a delegation accompanying him, President Mohamed Mullah briefed on the current activities in Egypt and highlighted the importance of cooperation between the two countries to apply cutting-edge technologies in crude oil production. Increase in oil operations and the expansion of geological exploration projects and oil field development.

Mulla discussed the possibility of investing in Egypt, with a delegation from Dragon Oil Company, CEO of Ali Al Jarwan, in the near future, in the Red Sea, to expand new areas for oil and gas exploration and exploration. Prospective routes with promising opportunities for investment in the oil and gas industry, taking into account the recent achievements.

Mullah Arab, President of the American Chamber of Commerce, David Philip, has been instrumental in promoting Egypt's investment in Egypt and offering investment opportunities available to them, and the role of Palas in supporting Egypt's oil and gas industry.

Al-Mulla called on ministers and heads of international companies to attend the Egyptian International Oil Conference and Exhibition (EGPS 2019) at its third session in February.

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