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"Naryan Calibers" neutrality in the January Revolution. I look forward to providing you with a "Prince of Revenge" era


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Ahmed El Fischai says that Karim El Shanni's new film, Black Nori, is in a neutral zone of revolution on January 25, which does not support or oppose him, he does not refuse to film a movie in real mood.

In his interview with Al Watan, al-Fisawa opened the position of the great artist Farouk al-Fisui's father, who asked for the life story of Syrian archbishop Hiliono Kapucci and the motivation for the second part of the film "Valid Rizk." Future.

I do not try to talk about the clock. I have denied that the Millennium Threatness is again offered.

How do you feel about the controversy surrounding your movie as "Fireball", which was interpreted as a legendary political coup on January 25?

"The film has nothing to do with the revolution of January 25, but its events turn into a revolution and its consequences, and the film may be presented at another time as it is not a political film, but a social event in the days of certain political events, accusing him of abusing the revolution, or does not object to it, that is, it is in a neutral area because it is embedded in humanitarian history that has nothing to do with politics.

Whether you're afraid to show the film during the revolution, it's a foolish impression that it's a purely political film.

– Because the audience loves the cinema, they love cinema and watch movies on all models, so they do not worry about the "caliber", but instead enjoy fun and entertainment.

I did not irritate the "alcohol drunk" interest in the life of "the drunk doctors" and the "magic mackerel" after the failure of the "Tatev"

How did you prepare yourself for the character of Yasin Al-Manstali's lawyer?

– There were several sessions with the author, who had friendly relations with the forensic doctor, Haymad Damur, who identified the details of this profession and his details and told me about it.

Do you feel the fear of the "Yasin" specialty and do the body alone?

"The name of the specialist may have a terrible effect when he heard, and it was so difficult for him to get drunk," Yasin "in his work, but I did not worry about the instructions, but I liked it because it was not an example of my new job.

Did he see the contradiction between Yasin's dependence on alcohol and his openness, and to imagine the details of his murders?

On the contrary, his addiction to alcohol has led him to imagine where he has not been, but some of his fantasies have fallen into the crime scene and have come to the peculiarities of the events that demanded the lives of the victim.

What is the significance of sending Facebook accounts to the victims after their death?

– Yassin's personality is curiosity, and we should not forget his 100% recall, because he is a person who is alcohol dependent, as many of his actions are sometimes beyond his will. Salma, who made a mistake in accepting the name of Abu Alizad in the account of Ala's husband, admitted his sadness and corrected it later. This accident led to the rise of imagination with his curiosity during his death.

I will not do my will for parents of my bishop Capouchi's personality, which will make him a productive film

Was Alcohol Depression Really Hurt For Forensic Medicine Physicians?

– No, there was no objection from them, and I was delighted with the film and its events.

You have refused to take a picture in real migrations. What is the truth about this?

This is not true, because the morgue has been dropped on the permissions and so on, so we made the scenery of the morgue and its details, especially the director Carmen Shennou, who wanted to give the details in this decoration and I think this was a good impression on the appearance of the film.

Why did not you leave the end of the movie open because it influenced many ideas?

– The end of the movie can be left open, but Karim remains in the finals and is about to be solved, and I support it for 100% because the character has to solve the final hero.

What can I do if Yasin Al-Manastalli is in place?

– I think I will express my attitude towards the Alai family, which is in full compliance with my position "Yassin", but because I do not live on stage, I do not disclose the content of the last stage.

How does your appearance in a movie without a "tattoo" in your body make you think of hiding it?

– Break:

I fought Maxi Tariq Mustafa, the magic of the movie, he used cosmetics every day for 30 to 40 minutes, which is still certain materials.

If they are graphics and are not destroyed?

– Valmacair has helped to hide the cosmetics.

The artist, Manhattan, expressed his heroism about the eradication of the scenes in the film. Have you had the same problem with your role?

– I did not know about the story of Muhammad Mamud, but the filmmaker can come out of any actor because "the film is amazed by the director". If you're in a similar situation, you do not disturb him, He knows best, that he may be useful to stop the scene or to limit his prolongation.

What do you think about the movie's time and its revenue?

– I do not know anything about the distribution of films, but I understand the representation, the release and the production, so I did not stop the movie, but because of the filming time, I am satisfied with the amount of revenue, but the revenue is gradually increasing. The week that I thought was good.

Why did you resist the announcement of your father Faruk al-Fishavi's cancer?

– I did not object, and my parents were free to publish.

What about your position in the life of your father in the life of the Syrian bishop Hilanion Capouchi?

– I can be part of this movie, but I want to show its character.

To Fear the Resume?

"On the contrary, I love the biography, but I can make a movie based on Count de Monte Cristo, perhaps a movie called The Rescue Knight.

Do you agree to take part in the second part of the film "Valid Rizk"?

– As the heroes of Dubai are going to steal in Dubai, I've made a film that I'm surprised by my own events and drama, but I can not disclose the details, and I can say that this movie is full of surprises.

Finally, do you have an agreement to create a third of the movie?

– The second part was agreed, and we did not recall the third part of the film.

Do you care about the idea of ​​the parts of the cinema?

I'm very glad after the second part of "Ladd Rizk", especially after three years of his first part, and the second part – Most often.

But how many of the films did not succeed in the same way as the first?

– If I talk about eleven people in the ocean, I made some of them, and success at the presentation could be sometimes successful, and on the contrary, it was an allied moment and part of the film "Omar and Salma."

How did you describe one of the psychiatrists to look at your character and try to talk about the clock?

– This analysis is not true and does not concern the fact, I'm not a hero trying to pay attention to it.

What is your position if you offer a representative experience or a program idea together?

– I think I will not accept this proposal, because I focus on my cinematography, and I plan to produce production, representation and product in the future.

Movies Director?

– Yes, I can be a hero of the director's film and can not participate in it.

Finally, your mother, Sumaia Al-Alfi, decided not to play in the final.

– That's right, I think it will be offered again, but it's best to answer your question.

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