Saturday , June 19 2021

Ras Al Khaimah Police Launches Information Campaign to Prevent Animal Life – UAE

The Traffic and Traffic Information Department at Traffic and Patrol Department of the Main Directorate of Police in Kh. Khayma conducted a campaign to raise awareness of the community in the tourist areas of the emirate, which is due to normal weather conditions. Improving safety and security.

In a press release on Monday, Acting General Director Salim Rebiya Bakhtaa said that al-Suwaydi Ras Alhaimah has a wide variety of tourist facilities, especially for beaches, citizens, residents and foreign tourists. The sandy areas of the mainland and other cities also enjoy this great atmosphere for a long time passing through the city noise and quiet, because it does not comply with the laws of traffic causes the consequences of traffic accidents. It is especially important to follow the instructions for cyclists in the sandy areas and demonstrated that it is important for families to work on these routes to prevent them from traveling.

Brigadier General Al-Suwaydi al-Khayma's Chief of Staff General Ali bin Alman al-Naimai confirmed that he would provide safe and comfortable life for motorcyclists and pedestrians and prevent the dangers of life and the lives of others. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, and the Avafi tourist, Jabal Jis and the inland areas, except for entrance and exit points. tourism, and other places.

He urged motorcycles to keep safety and urged them to keep safe for safe driving, and to keep the environment clean and to keep them in the places where they would be safe to avoid contamination in certain locations.

Article 64 of the Law on Traffic stipulates a fine of 500 dirhams in the case of an improper vehicle leakage, and Article 71 of the Law penalizes up to 1,000 liters and envisages a 4-point registration for all waste disposal vehicles. Total traffic during driving.

He urged the public to avoid the risk of floods, to run the valleys, and to avoid the dangers of life in places that are avoiding water from the reservoirs to ensure that the weather changes without any trips. Parents should guide children to such procedures and use the rules and regulations of traffic safety, increase the traffic culture, and take all safety and security measures, as well as the responsibility for meeting the problem and meeting the guidelines for outbound connections.

At the end of the week, the team visited many areas and locations of the emirate that focused on the need to guide, advise and guide, publish brochures, cover them, protect others, and preserve the environment.

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