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Said Tarabek's widow commits his death


Said Tarabek's widow commits the death of a widow,

Contemporary art news – Cairo – Gololi

Young Egyptian artist Sara Tariq revived the third year of her husband, the artist Said Tarabek's death.

Sara published her husband's photo album on her Facebook account and commented on her husband's personal account, saying: "On the 15th of April, 2015, I forget about the annual memories of pain and pain, and today I lost myself and the richest man in the world. dad, colleague, friend, teacher, and dear husband.

He adds: "No one knows how painful I feel when I feel alone and that even love, love, generosity and sweet life are always in our hearts. Our Lord is generous and honorable, you forgive him, forgive him, forgive him, and forgive him. please bless it, No Said Tarabek .. We ask you to pray and pray.

Sarah Tarek's marriage to Sidd Tarabek has long been a matter of social networking sites, but the differences between them have lasted for a long time, but this did not take long for Trabex to escape from a health crisis that had been hospitalized on November 15, 2014.


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