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Sumayya Al-Hashab opens the film "My Heart, My People". Video


Sumayya Al Hashab opens the film "My Hearts". Видео We Will Never Give Up Sumayya Al-Hashâb is called "My Heart to The People." Video, Sumaya Al Khashab opens the film "People in My Heart". Start with the knight and most popular news, Sumayya Hashab produces "My Heart, Humans". Video.

An Egyptian singer and actress Sumaya al-Hashab released a new song called My Heart and People, a song by Hisham Sadiq and a YouTube channel created by Soka.

Sumayya must now present her song in the Egyptian dialect after presenting her latest song in the Persian Gulf.

Sumayya chose the romantic form after more than two years. The words of this song are: "My heart is Lee Biyahdo Khair and Maidolush Zhanas Tappan. Not for the heart of Sheikh Kether's heart in Hamul, but for Burmese. My heart is Zhanas Dakhad Amy Haidy and Middlolch. I have problems and people who support the time of Maherbush.

The Egyptian artist has recently been drafted into a new filmmaking session to return to the media after he did not respond to the public.

Suma Ada has taken her a Facebook account, has had several pictures in long blue dresses, and the nature of nature in Hurghada has been great.

The Egyptian photographer captured and photographed, "I have the beauty and the nature here," and he received a lot of moody make-up and hair look not so beautifully, but the beauty of his paintings.

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