Thursday , September 29 2022

The European Union is conducting a study with Manchester City and Saint-Germain


The European Football Federation (UEFA) said on Monday that Manchester City and Paris would revisit the financial tactics after releasing financial documents issued by Sen-Germain.

German football der Spiegel's "leaked football" has shown that both clubs are too old to evaluate their sponsorship contracts to comply with their rules.

One of the rules of a fair financial game is to prevent clubs from getting in the ownership of unlimited money through excessive profits from sponsoring contracts with their owners.

According to independent experts from the European Union experts, the EU watchdog will agree that it will succeed by top-class sponsors linked with the Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain clubs.

According to Manchester City, the holes that were supposed to have been an attempt to undermine her reputation, while Paris Saint-Germain did not deny these charges in general.

In response to statements made by the European Football Federation on Monday, the European Union announced that it could re-open its own investigation in each case when the information was wrong, not the Manchester City or Sen-Jerer.

The EU has protected the rules of fair financial gaming and has helped to solve the problems of debt sustained by debt.

According to the rules of fair financial rules, clubs should have an overall balance of income and expenditure that is intended to adapt to the club's financial potential and prevent competitors of rich clubs.

"The European clubs have suffered 1.7 billion euros ($ 1.91 million) in seven years," the European Union said.

"Last year the total revenue was 600 million euros, which, of course, has been successful throughout Europe," he said.

The Continental Alliance underscores that the system is dependent on the club secretariat.

"When the EU sees the information it receives, the system will show that the information is right and right," he said.

In response to the snooze, Manchester City made a statement this month: "We do not comment on the information received from the context of the theft or piracy of some employees and people in connection with Citigroup or Manchester City. Organized and transparent club propaganda ".

French champions made a statement this month saying that "Paris-Saint-Germain has always been in line with the rules and regulations of sporting organizations" and has completely denied these accusations.

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